Studio Venice was led by Luis Hilti and Matilde Igual Capdevila as a guest studio at the University of Liechtenstein in 2018.

Along a straight line drawn across Liechtenstein the students built a series of interventions to explore contemporary landscapes through the notion of remoteness. Documented in a form of an exhibition Studio Venice represented Liechtenstein at the Venice Biennale 2018.
Followed by systematic writing, sketching, prototyping, and alternative researching, studio Venice explored the Line in different seasonal conditions.
Every intervention is made of provided timber sticks, and distributed along the Line from the river bank on one end and the mountain top on the other.
Projects list:
Alexandre Sokolov
the Legend of the Underground Archive
Kateryna Dyma
Celestial Light

Ëddïë Särdënġ
Capturing Remoteness​​
Enrique Hernández González
Shape of Remoteness
Hanna Hajda
Order and Entropy
Martin Mráz
Megan Quirey
Camera Obscura
Nina Beck
A next Landscape
Nina Meusburger
Steps through Liechtenstein
Philipp Entner
Alpine Coffee House

Rüya Hilal Aydede
Standpoint of Scenery
Sami Akkach
The Lie of the Land
Sofia Liberali
The Line to The Line
Tatjana Probst
[Dis] appearance
Yiran Jin (Emma Jyr)
Water Penstock
The Line was documented with photographs taken while strolling through the Liechtenstein landscape and exhibited at the Venice Biennale and in Vaduz center. 
As a natural evolution of the studio Venice the Institute for the Linear Research was founded, in order to extend the Line around
the globe and continue the research
into the contemporary landscapes
through the lense of remoteness

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