How can you spark a public discourse on spatial development? And how the complex topic of spatial development be broken down and made palatable for a public that is affected by, but is not equipped with the language or tools of urbanism?
Verein ELF chose to turn the entire landscape of Liechtenstein into a game and leave for once the ‘political reality’ that inhibits thinking in the long term behind. Liechtenstein has changed dramatically over the last centuries. It has turned from an organic landscape to which people adjudsted into a landscape adjusted with brute force to people. Liechtenstein has been straightened out. Its water has been put into tubes or straight canals, even the once meandering River Rhine is now a liveless straight canal. Tunnel pirce the mountains and asphalt is covering ever more floor area year by year, paving the way for the dominant species of the region: the car. The country has come a long way, with biodiversity plunging and the quadruppled floor area putting ever more space inbetween people, isolating them and draining public life. We have come this far, where should we go next?

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