YEAR | 2021-2023
COLLABORATION | Edgar Bargetze

Awlin is named after the Area in Vaduz, where we installed the first version of the table as part of the project SLL.

Tall Table

the table can be used in three ways depending on the need.

Awlin is a dining table, apéro table, and coffee table, depending on how it is set up.

Coffee Table

Within 5 minutes, a single person can change Awlin from one version to another.

Example of furniture prototype created from Awlin's cutoffs.

In 2024, we organise a student design competition with the goal to turn the off-cuts of the prefabrication-process into a new furniture line. More information to follow in February 2024.

Awlin is available for sale, with varying prices depending on material options (700 - 2500 CHF). For more information please contact us here.

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