YEAR | 2018- ongoing
LOCATION | Schaanwald
COLLABORATION | Hansjörg Hilti
CLIENT | Kaiser
Kaiser is a family business with a history of technological innovation in heavy industry, founded more than a hundred years ago. Hansjörg Hilti and Luis Hilti started a collaboration with the company by remodeling the headquarters at the northern entrance to Liechtenstein and then moved on to developing the entire campus. 
Kaiser headquarter is one of the first buildings after crossing the border to Liechtenstein and the campus is divided by the main road of the country. The existing buildings contain also parts of the research, development, and production of the company.
(left: facade after remodelation; right: before the remodelation)
The future challenge is to organize the complex processes and flows and integrate them with the traffic condition that is changing due to major developments in the country at large, with the railway line being developed into the backbone of public transport and the main road rebuilt with bus and bicycle lanes.​​​​​​​

(left: facade after remodelation; bottom: proposition for new headquarter and assembly line connected to the existing with a bridge)

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