Studio U – Urban Design in Unterbendern
(Advanced Studio Landscape)
YEAR                               2022 | ongoing
TUTORS                         Luis Hilti and Felix Ledergerber
PARTNER                       Municipality of Gamprin-Bendern
INSTITUTION                University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Studio U will design a new urban center at the intersection of various regional and international traffic routes, historic sites, and waterways. Unterbendern is currently characterized by traffic jams and parking lots and is generally considered a residual space. The municipality Gamprin – Bendern plans to overhaul the entire traffic infrastructure and set a development in motion that should turn the pitfall into a potential and create a new administrative, economic and residential center for the region in the following decades. We will work on masterplans, public spaces, architectural typologies, and living environments, dealing with contemporary challenges ranging from social cohesion and climate crisis to biodiversity loss. Studio U will explore scenarios and create visions to be exhibited and discussed among the concerned public.

​​​​​​​Presentations and discussion on site
Concept model of territorial strategies
Excursion to Geneva and visit to the collective housing complex Eco quartier de la jonction
Public Lecture Series organised by Studio U

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