Denkmal Workshop
Vaduz, 2017
Tutors: Luis Hilti, Toni Büchel, Anna Hilti
institution: Engländerbau Vaduz
What are contemporary monuments? As part of the art installation “Das Denkmal” (The Monument) (LINK TO PROJEKT) we conceived a workshop for public participation in the discourse on monuments and migration.
the participants first wrote down words and phrases that inspired them from a reading from several historical text surrounding the issue of migration. In a second step, they received a spoon of sugar with which they illustrated the word in a sugar-drawing. Finally, they used sugar-cubes to create a three-dimensional sculpture from it, gave it a name and proposed a place in the landscape of Liechtenstein.
Through this guided creative process everyone was capable of conceiving a sculpture in one hour, regardless of their background.
the workshop formed part of the exhibition “Komplizen” in the Engländerbau Vaduz.
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