Event Der Burghügel

YEAR                               2020
LOCATION                     Balzers, Liechtenstein
Nothing is as different as the gardens of Liechtenstein - both in form and function. Unlike architecture, gardens can be changed quickly and with relatively little effort if the owners want it. Could gardens be the impetus for sustainable development in Liechtenstein? Biodiversity instead of Robo-Green, local apples instead of statues from faraway countries? Verein ELF gathered a discussion round on the castle hill above Balzers to talk about the future of "our gardens".

We heard from various garden owners and designers what they see in their garden and why they manage it the way they do. We then discussed together what kind of garden can contribute to the quality of life in Balzers and Liechtenstein. Based on this, we thought together about what the role of gardens and green spaces is in our villages and our society and what they could and should contribute to the quality of our living space in the future.

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