Atelier Gapont

YEAR                               2015
LOCATION                    Triesen, Liechtenstein
Wohnatelier Gapont rose from the ashes of a barn after an accidental fire in 2015. Gapont found a niche in local regulation as a combination of housing and work and in close coexistence with the neighboring building forms a small community of people.

Gapont  means 'bridge house' and refers to the oldest known bridge crossing the Rhine in Liechtenstein. The bridge was situated roughly where the atelier stands today and got destroyed in the 15th century. 
The map on the right depicts the area in 1819 when the Rhine arm near Gapont had already disappeared. Unfortunately no maps depicting the bridge have survived. 
On the concrete ground floor, there is a series of wooden prefabricated frames, which create a flexible open space inside and give the atelier its characteristic profile. With its elementary architecture, Gapont aims for robustness and constant variability.
Gapont is more of an ever-changing space than a stable office, as people and projects come in and live their lives. Our working table came in after the exhibition the Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side in 2015, when Luis was still finalizing the atelier itself. In 2018 Gapont became a base camp of Studio Venice, preparing a Venice Biennale exhibition that later lead to the founding of the Institute for Linear Research. Since Verein ELF began its eleven-year-long journey through Liechtenstein villages, Gapont filled with artsy maps, blue boxes, workshop models, and filmmaking equipment. Being a spatial node in a network of people and organizations, Atelier Gapont keeps transforming our living spacesspaces of discourse, and spaces of imagination.

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