Karta-Bar Gamanderstall, 2019
YEAR                               2019
LOCATION                     Schaan, Liechtenstein
EINS von ELF: Each year Verein ELF opens a bar in one of the Liechtenstein villages: the Karta-Bar. It is as much a bar as a space of workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and debates on issues of spatial development. The first Karta-Bar was opened in 2019 in Schaan in a 300-year-old barn on the outskirts of the village. The municipality previously refurbished the floors and openings, Verein ELF then proposed the one-year program.

Karta means ‘map’ pointing out the main feature of the bar - its ever-changing exhibition of old and new maps that Verein ELF reproduces in real size or even bigger, rendering visible details that would escape the eyes otherwise. The maps change depending on the event and serve as a constant background to debates, workshops, or musical events.​​​​​​​
In various workshops and discussion formats, ELF tried to strike balance between a pleasant atmosphere and constructive, informed exchange and joint thinking. The large model of Liechtenstein moved in to become the central element. The massive bar and benches covered the multiple events. All curatorial work, production, and furniture design are the work of Verein ELF developed under the roof of atelier Gapont.

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