A Line Through Czechia, 2021
YEAR                               2021
LOCATION                     Liechtenstein | Czechia 
COLLABORATION         Nora Jelínek, Viktor Jelínek, Luis Hilti, Gabriela Ponechalova, Martin Mraz, Matilde Igual Capdevila

A Line Through Czechia is a proposal for a participatory project that would map territories through innovative methods and connect communities with artists. The project would constitute an itinerant festival, traveling from Valtice through Prague to the Ore Mountains along a straight Line to inspire new narratives of cohesion for Czechia and stir public discourse through artistic means. Using the tools of visual narrative – photography – and Walking Workshops with invited interdisciplinary artists (Czech and international), the project would conceive a cross-section of the country based on local knowledge. An online platform for exchange and documentation would connect the actors throughout the project. In the final exhibition, various types of media, and print outlets would disseminate the results.

Throughout two years, the project addresses two conditions that are currently influencing Czech society as a whole. First, a social-media-fueled fragmentation of population into social groups. Second, a tendency to focus on Prague as the site and subject of contemporary art in Czechia, and a lack of attention towards the social, cultural, and natural landscapes beyond the capital.

A Line Through Czechia proposal was submitted by the Institute for Linear Research and Visual Narrative to the 2. Open Call in Contemporary Arts of the EEA Grants. This newly established partnership overlaps the research experience of the Institute and the non-profit artistic activity of the Czech photographers to investigate the social realities within Czechia and how they manifest themselves in the Czech landscapes.
The project was not selected for realization by the EEA committee.

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