"Following a straight line, we will walk, ski and sledge across the entire country of Liechtenstein and traverse its extreme topography from the most vivid spots in the center of Vaduz to the most remote valleys in the mountains. Where possible, we won’t follow existing paths or roads and see where the line takes us.
Our base camp will be a remote mountain hotel at the top end of a sledge run. There, we will - apart from sledding races - develop ideas of architectural reactions to the landscapes encountered. In a stable used by cows in summer, we will have the power-tools and materials needed to build first prototypes. Night strolls and day trails will be complemented by discussions, workshops and inputs on the historical conquest of remote landscapes and complex topographies, and the architecture it produced.
Studio Venice is part of Liechtenstein’s contribution to next year’s Architecture Biennale in Venice. Students will contribute to the exhibition in Venice and to the accompanying publication.
Required: very good shoes, winter clothes.
Not required: particular fitness, skiing or sledding skills."
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