Venedig Unterland, 2021
YEAR                               2021
LOCATION                     Bendern, Liechtenstein
During the year 3/11, Verein ELF embraced the site-specific outdoor formats for their events. Each event compares a foreign trend in relation to Liechtenstein. "Venice-Unterland" thematized the role of water in the Liechtenstein landscape. Back in the days, water and ice formed the Rhine valley. Recently, its powers and its dangers for humans with it have been more and more reduced.  How do people see the current use of water in Liechtenstein and the potential of fresh water for the quality of our living spaces? Discussions about the local flows and streams could only take place in two settings - either floating or right next to one of the canals. Choosing the safe option, we temporarily set up the stage under the bridge in Bendern.

Everything was already there - the roof, the walls, the exhibition system - we only needed to enhance the atmosphere and concentrate the attention. Recycling the timber sticks from Studio Venice, we put together a large round chandelier and hang it down from the bridge. Right above the usual circle of blue boxes hosting the assembly. The result - a concentric space for discussions, and a casual outdoor living room for the after-talks with DJ Mangold in the background and the mobile bar by Simon Egger on the side.

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