YEAR | 2018
INSTITUTION |University of Liechtenstein |Gemeinde Vaduz

Basecamp: Vadozner Huus set out to create a realm of imagination to ponder the question of how the capital of Liechtenstein could develop. Formally, programmatically, and socially. 
By occupying the parking garage in the centre with ephemeral infrastructure, a realm for experiments and debates was opened for three weeks. Basecamp: Vadozner Huus was a joint project by the University of Liechtenstein and the municipality of Vaduz.
The spatial concept was simple enough: to draw a circle across the existing spaces, infrastructure, and street. At night, the circle would become visible from the main street, the pedestrian area, and the mountains all around the Rhine Valley.
The furniture within the circle could be moved around freely, depending on the program, which included theatre, concerts, debates, power-point-karaoke, workshops and lectures. The circle would rather define than enclose a space. People would partially sit inside, partially outside, in small groups or large crowds.

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