YEAR | 2023
CLIENT | Gamprin-Bendern
COOPERATION | Felix Ledergerber (Salewski Nater Kretz AG)

We believe that good spatial development hinges on the successful involvement of the concerned public. 
In preparation of our work on the Masterplan Unterbendern, we conceived a workshop open to the public. 
The base for the workshop were scenarios that we distilled from student works in Studio U. Each group was assigned one of the scenarios as a foundation to discuss the character of Unterbendern's future development.
"Esche flows through the center"
"Old bridge leads to the center"
"Center lies on the canal"
"Green axis crosses the center"
"Sequence of squares creates center"
We worked with different media, including plans, polls, reference photographs and models. 

We conceived the workshop material so that it could easily be statistically analysed and the voices of all participants foregrounded to the decision makers. 

The workshop was concluded with a brunch at the town hall Gamprin-Bendern. 
The results of the workshop were gathered in a publication and sent to all participants and interested parties. They served as guidlines for the subsequent masterplanning process

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