Atelier Gapont designs effective and sustainable future concepts and puts them into practice.

Research & Design
We combine scientific research with artistic strategies and use our experience in architecture and urbanism to design physical, social and procedural spaces.

Transforming our cities and landscapes into a sustainable environment is a complex endeavour resembling sailing into unchartered waters. We develop instruments for this adventure with pioneers in the field, be it municipalities, NGOs, or members of the civil society.

Institutions & People
Atelier Gapont is the spatial node in a network of different organisations, ranging from an architecture office (LHA) to artistic practices (Institute for Linear Research), a publishing house (Infinitie Publication Series), and initiatives (Verein ELF, Netzwerk Pro Biodiversität).
Our core team currently consists of Luis HiltiToni Büchel, Gabriela Ponechalová, Dalal Elarji, Martin Mráz and Sara Stoll.
​​​​​​We're looking forward to collaborating with you. Feel free to reach out to us.

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