Atelier Gapont designs future concepts and puts them into practice.

We combine scientific research with artistic strategies and use our experience in architecture and urbanism to design physical, social and procedural spaces.

Transforming our cities and landscapes into a sustainable environment is a complex endeavour resembling sailing into unchartered waters. We develop instruments for this adventure with pioneers in the field, be it municipalities, NGOs, or members of the civil society.

Institutions & People
Atelier Gapont is the spatial node in a network of different organisations, ranging from an architecture office (LHA) to artistic practices (Institute for Linear Research), a publishing house (Infinitie Publication Series), and initiatives (Verein ELF, Netzwerk Pro Biodiversität).
Our core team currently consists of Luis HiltiToni Büchel, Martin Mráz,  Sara Stoll, Clarisa Pop and Julia Fanti.
​​​​​​We're looking forward to collaborating with you. Feel free to reach out to us.

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