YEAR | 2021 - ongoing 
COLLABORATION | Hansjörg Hilti
HPZ is a long-standing organization providing education, therapy, workshops, or residence to people with special needs around Liechtenstein. Our collaboration began in the Birkahof complex in Mauren, where the house for assisted living  Birkahus proved itself and now its sibling in Schaan follows up. They will look alike but not the same - keeping it modular but adapting the communal living to a more central typology is the next exercise for the team of us, Hansjörg Hilti, and HPZ.

Speaking of sustainable construction in the middle of the Alps we often rely on wood. This modular timber system developed in conversation with the wood construction engineer proved to make an enjoyable environment for its residents and staff in Mauren. While the trees grow back sipping on some of the carbon dioxides from the atmospherical cocktail, we are exploring these modules further. The urban layout is set in stone and we keep developing its architecture.

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