Rowhouse Holzhaus V
YEAR                                      2019 - 22
LOCATION                            Schaan, Liechtenstein
CATEGORY                           reconstruction
This project is a continuation of an ever-changing multi-family house. We worked on a quarter of the house, added a new architectural intervention on the top floors for the existing inhabitants, and remodeled the bottom floors to give space to the next generations.

Building in the existing structure combines the charm of the existing with fresh colors and a complete reorganization of spaces. Old memories meet new ideas, wood darkened by time meets bright new materials.

The new building is often referred to as a “bird's nest” by the residents, as it fits into the existing structure on the one hand, but swings out on all sides. This creates novel and complex nested atmospheres from the roof terrace to the elevated living space.

Snapshots of the construction site in 1980s.

Work Process

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