YEAR | 2019
Walking as an urbanist practice is as old as cities are. However, Lucius Burckhardt and others rediscovered and popularised it in the 20th century. In 2019 we organised several walks in Schaan with local inhabitants and international visitors – e.g. a delegation from CIPRA – to discuss contemporary urban forms, their potential and their problems. 
Our Reference, "Fahrt Nach Tahiti", was a social experiment by Lucius Burckhardt, founder of the promenadology (Spaziergangswissenschaften). It aimed to answer what explorers discover and how to communicate an exotic place. The experiment was conducted during Documenta 8 in 1967.
Based on our discussion in motion on the question what a good neighbourhood is, and how neighbourhoods developed over time for the participants of the walk, the artist Roman Beck drew a conceptual map of a neighbourhood that develops over time from left to right

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