YEAR | 2014-2018
LECTURERS | Anna Hilti | Luis Hilti
INSTITUTION | University of Liechtenstein
The goal of this course is to make students at the very beginning of their studies confident in thinking outside the box – with a pen. It consists of three parallel processes:
We guide them through a process in which they take an ordinary object as a starting point, transform it into an expresso maker, then into a building, then into a city. 
At the same time, we make coffee and use an iconic espresso maker to capture the form and function of a tiny architectural object with a pen in plan, sections, elevations and process drawings.
These practical processes are enriched with short lectures on how great masters of architectural history used similar techniques to further their designs. Aldo Rossi, in particular, meandered between thoughts on the city, coffee makers and architecture, producing seminal work in all three scales – and wonderful drawings. 

1. Capture the object with a few strokes
2. How does it work?
3. draw a random object somewhere at the university
4. turn it into a coffee maker
5. turn the coffee maker into a café
6. create a city base on the formal language of your café

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