Tutors: Leonard Gurtner, Daniel Fuchs, Luis Hilti
The arch-enemy of architecture will be our construction material, fire. Our designs will be most ephemeral, but most intense in their short time of being, a hybrid of architecture, sculpture and performance. Under high savty standards, we'll shed light on neglected spaces during neglected times. We'll interprete space through light and flames.
Starting on a very small scale with models (and fuel) we'll explore the connection of time, space and flames. Getting to know our material we'll start to conceptualize ways to create pavilions/events/sculptures of fire and choose sites where such can be done savly.
Since the products have a short life, documentation is a crucial part of the work. For this we'll dive into a selective history of movies and other visual and conceptual art, in which fire, cities and architecture meet. Based on these examples we'll develop ways with photography and film to adaequatly document our own work.
Whether the workshop will cumulate in one big event or rather have a few small installations will depend on the contributions and ideas of the participants. The Tutors are mainly there for savety and inspiration.

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