YEAR | 2012
LOCATION | Helsinki

Can the archenemy of architecture, fire, be used as a construction material? In the workshop Burn! we explored flames as medium of design and activation of neglected public spaces with the help of fuel and gun powder to ignite wood and other flammable materials.
We took inspiration from the art world, from Roman Signer, Yves Klein or Michelangelo Antonioni as well as from the flaming end of specific architecture and cities in the past. Through lectures and experiments we explored the potentials and dangers of fire, followed by conceiving architectural projects. Equipped with our lab coats, high speed cameras and matches, we worked day and night in Suvilahti as well as on the Sompasaari wasteland in Helsinki. The participants pushed the theme to the limit and created beautiful sculptures and meaningful events.
The workshop was part of the european architecture student assembly in Helsinki and lasted for two weeks in the summer 2012
TUTORS | Luis Hilti | Léonard Gurner, Daniel Fuchs

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