YEAR | 2021
"Biodiversity as a societal project" is the first volume of Gapont White Papers and concludes our conversations with the municipality of Schaan about improving social cohesion through ecological projects.
In Gapont White Papers, we digest and connect different information streams and turn them into practical ideas for public use.

In this booklet, we present how our community can grow through an engagement with our landscape and that environmental protection is most effective when it is designed and embraced as a societal project. Concerned with HOW a village could do something for the environment, we also tackle the question that many still ask: 'why should I do something for the environment?'
A preceding project idea 'My garden, my contribution' from the pen of atelier Gapont serves as a basis for the enlightening exchange with the head of Schaan and the environmental committee and its active members. The text is divided into sixteen considerations and focuses on the scale of the community.

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