Slavutych Table, 2022

YEAR                               2022
LOCATION                     Liechtenstein
The SLAVUTYCH table stands in various public places in Liechtenstein as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine and aspires to be a place of exchange and mutual support. Various people who are committed to humanitarian aid and an end to the war have spoken at this table about their commitment.
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Why a Table? The political philosopher and Holocaust survivor Hannah Arendt described the public realm as a “table” which “relates and separates men at the same time (…), as the common world, gathers us together and yet prevents our falling over each other”. This realm has vanished when Putin's army illegally entered Ukraine.

SLAVUTYCH Table is a collaboration between Atelier Gapont and carpenter Edgar Bargetze. Our friendship started on a road trip to the film and urbanism festival “x86” in Slavutych, near Chernobyl. Together, we altered one of our table designs and minimized the material costs by using spruce wood. All labor going into assembly and painting, as well as the design, are the contributions of Atelier Gapont and Edgar Bargetze.

We continue to invite people involved in humanitarian aid to present their activities. These talks are intended to support orientation in the progressing situation and to contemplate adequate responses to the challenges ahead. You can watch these talks at TABLE-TALK.LI or get in touch with us to take part.

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