YEAR | 2022
PARTNER | Municipality of Vaduz
INSTITUTION | University of Liechtenstein
Reducing biodiversity is easy: for example, you may seal the soil with asphalt. Increasing biodiversity, on the other hand, is a somewhat more complicated matter. You can't transport biodiversity with a concrete mixer and pour it into the landscape. As the word "bios" implies, we are talking about living things, and thus about mobile things and, to some extent, uncontrollable. No living creature other than man recognises parcel boundaries unless they have been made impermeable with walls or fences. 

In this studio, students developed concepts for the ecological infrastructure in the village at large, and for a specific plot as a stepping stone for non-human beings in an all too human environment. 
Students presenting a conceptual map of existing biodiversity and lack thereof in Vaduz
Student Project proposing 'biodiversity bombs' instead of landscape design
The students conceived and conducted participatory workshops with the clients of the project: primary school children.
Input Lecturers and Critics
Manfred Ospelt
Claudia Ospelt
Hans-Peter von Felten
Philip Thöny
Caroline Hilti
Mario Broggi
Pascal Gnädinger
Anna Hilti
Martina Guhl
Katrin Löning
Peter Vogt
Johannes Herburger
Alice Chappuis
Lindsay Howe
Anna Edthofer
Julias Stelter
Katrin Hauser
Geli Salzmann
Csaba Tarsoly
Elias Walch
Hanno Mackowitz
Annett Höland
Gregory Grämiger
Bettina Walch

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