YEAR | 2015
INSTITUTION | Kunstverein Schichtwechsel
LOCATION | Venice Art Biennale
CATEGORY | Exhibition
CURATORS | Laura Hilti, Luis Hilti, Annett Höland, Flurina Seger 
The exhibition "The Silver Lining," curated by the art association Schichtwechsel, will take place at Palazzo Trevisan, hosted by the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia, which also houses the collateral event "Salon Suisse."
Liechtenstein's art association Schichtwechsel invites young artists from the European micro-states of Iceland, Luxembourg, Montenegro, and Liechtenstein to engage in dialogue and collaboration. As part of the collateral event "The Silver Lining," they explore past events and how they have shaped their current life situations.
The starting point is Walter Benjamin's text "On the Concept of History," in which he describes the history of humanity as a "chain of events" that, in hindsight, appears as a single catastrophe. Despite this growing "heap of debris," the desire for progress inexorably propels humanity blindly into the future.​​​​​​​
Benjamin wrote the text in 1939, in the midst of World War II, which forced him to flee due to his origin and ultimately led him to commit suicide a year later. Young artists counter Benjamin's bleak view of the world with events that they find inspiring and that have positively shaped their lives and their surroundings. A particular focus lies in the influence of coming from or residing in a micro-state. The subjective and critical perspectives of the artists provide insights into life in micro-states while also highlighting the constructed nature of history.
The artists will be present during the ten-day duration of the collateral event, continuously developing their works. Through a program of short lectures and discussion sessions, they will present their artistic practice and engage visitors through performances and other actions.​​​​​​​
Kunstverein Schichtwechsel
Laura Hilti, Luis Hilti, Annett Höland, Flurina Seger
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein 
Friedemann Malsch, Thomas Soraperra
Unterstützt von
Ministerium für Äusseres, Bildung und Kultur
Liechtenstein Marketing
Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein
Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia (Ausstellungsraum Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi)
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
+423 235 03 17

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