YEAR | 2020
LOCATION | Balzers
INSTITUTION | Realschule Balzers
How much diversity does a village need, and how much monotony is good for it? Historically grown diversity is disappearing with the existing building stock, giving way to ever more massive investor buildings at breathtaking speed. Diverse in their monotony and monotonous diversity, the resulting villages of the Rhine Valley present themselves in new variations of uniform square chic. In 2020, we organised workshops and discussions concerning these questions. Several artists illustrated the discussions as new maps of Balzers

The vacant, centrally located former alpine dairy offered everything we wished for. Its ample open space housed the large model of Liechtenstein around which a grid of blue boxes prescribed the safe distance between the participants. 

A map by the Artist Adam Vogt captured some of the ideas that came up in the discussions
The artist Ewald Frick reimagined Balzers as a city

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