YEAR | 2017
LOCATION | Vaduz | Zürich
COLLABORATION | Anna Hilti | Toni Büchel | Luis Hilti
EXHIBITION | Komplizen
INSTITUTIONS | Kunstraum Engländerbau | Galerie Tarte
CATEGORY | Installation
"The Monument" is a project pursuing the creation of a monument to the history of emigration in Liechtenstein. Not too long ago, hundreds of people left impoverished Liechtenstein, mostly to America, to find a better life. 
We searched and documented all existing monuments sprinkled across Liechtenstein and exhibited our findings.

The program included debates on the relevance and possible shapes of monuments today, and public workshops to conceive a new monument for a forgotten past of Liechtenstein
The inspiration for the exhibition architecture was a middle-deck, which was where most immigrants from Liechtenstein travelled to the USA in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 
After the exhibition in Liechtenstein, we brought a part of the installation to Zürich, Gallery Tarte and conceived a second "Denkmal-Buffet".

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