YEAR | 2022
CLIENT | Stiftung Lebenswertes Liechtenstein
Die Stiftung Lebenswertes Liechtenstein is a non-profit foundation comprised of private individuals, companies, and institutions with deep connections to Liechtenstein. Its primary aim is to generate meaningful contributions for a sustainable future within and beyond the borders of the country. Our role in this project is to renovate their headquarters, transforming it into a flexible space that can function as a workspace for two while it can also easily converte into an event venue capable of accommodating fifteen people.

Our proposal involves a composition of fixed and flexible elements for the interior design. The fixed elements will provide essential functionality regardless of the current layout. The flexible elements will enable the space to adapt and enhance its quality based on the specific requirements of each event.

© Julian Konrad Photography

© Julian Konrad Photography

The office entrance is framed by a combination of a library and coat hanger. On the front wall hangs a stylized terrain model of Liechtenstein, which serves both for the orientation of SLL projects and for workshops. On the opposite side, five sliding boards showcase the five focal themes of the SLL. These boards serve as bulletin boards, and when slid aside, reveal a white magnetic board for additional functionality.

Flexible furniture used as a sitting table for discussions.


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