YEAR | 2020
COLLABORATION | Giulia Bellinetti

The Green Room Initiative is a project that reimagines the relationship between museums and their communities in the age of the climate emergency.
The project envisions museums around the world allocating part of their public space to a Green Room dedicated to addressing the environmental crisis and inspiring a collective response to it.
The scale of the Green Room will be directly linked to the Ecological Footprint of the museum’s territory: the higher the Ecological Footprint, the more space is occupied by the Green Room, thus reducing the space available for the museum’s traditional programs.
The ultimate goal of Green Rooms around the world is for them to disappear, as human society achieves a sustainable and inclusive model of coexistence on Earth. By connecting the use of museum spaces – and thus access to cultural heritage – to the Ecological Footprint of specific territories, our proposal seeks to unleash the transformative power of museums, empowering these institutions as agents of change in their communities.
The project creates a circle of reciprocal influence between the museum and its territory, the ultimate aim of which is to inspire collective action in response to the rampant environmental breakdown.

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