Assisted Living House Anderlehus

YEAR                               2014-2016
LOCATION                     Schaan, Liechtenstein
COLLABORATION         Hansjörg Hilti
CATEGORY                     Reconstruction

Anderlehus is a building with assisted living for young people. It has grown organically over 350 years in the center of an allemanic settlement core in Schaan, and today serves as well as the office for probation assistance. This remodelation was realized in collaboration with Hansjörg Hilti.
As the surrounding had dramatically changed, Anderlehus started to be more and more dwarfed by the new Schaan. We set out to give the building back its place in the village while retaining its character. Without trying to turn it into a museum of itself, we used as much of the existing substance as possible but increased and simplified the volume.
Today, Anderlehus is a continuation of four centuries of bricolage keeping its century-old wooden beams and stone walls.
The 20th century saw massive road constructions in Schaan. Along with it, the only underpass of the village was built right next to the Anderlehus. In the course of the renovation, we rerouted and renovated the pedestrian underpass.
In the garden of Anderlehus, we installed a  small Pergola. A semi-enclosed space, not quite a building, but neither just a roof.​​​​​​​

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