YEAR | 2018 - ongoing
LOCATION | Schaanwald
COLLABORATION | Hansjörg Hilti
CLIENT | Kaiser

Kaiser, a family-owned business, has a rich heritage of technological advancements in heavy industry spanning over a century. 
Hansjörg Hilti and Luis Hilti embarked on a collaborative journey with the company, initially revamping the headquarters located at the northern entrance of Liechtenstein, and subsequently undertaking the development of the entire campus.
The Kaiser headquarters stands as one of the prominent structures immediately after crossing the border into Liechtenstein, while the campus itself is divided by the country's main road. The existing buildings house various aspects of the company's research, development, and production facilities.

facade before remodelling

facade after remodelling

A key upcoming challenge lies in efficiently organising the intricate processes and flows within the company, while also integrating them with the evolving traffic conditions influenced by significant developments taking place throughout the country. 
These developments include the transformation of the railway line into a central component of the public transport system, as well as the reconstruction of the main road to incorporate dedicated bus and bicycle lanes.

Proposal for the new headquarters and assembly line connected to the existing structure via a bridge

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